Cancer can change everything. With support and a step-by-step plan, it’s possible to thrive, not just survive

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My name’s Sophie and I support women and men to feel confident and empowered beyond the challenge of a cancer diagnosis. I’m a coach and mentor passionate about the mind-body connection and a whole-person approach to healing. After my diagnosis of blood cancer in 2014, I’ve been helping people carve their path through the noise of the modern world to reconnect with themselves.


this is about you

We all have different ways of dealing with illness, cancer can be a wake up call for many of us. You may feel you want to make changes in your life but a lack of confidence is holding you back.

I’m here to support you to realise you have all the answers you need. This is a safe space to give you the time, energy and clarity to focus on your healing and next steps. Find your way through the transitions that come after a cancer diagnosis, helping you to establish that elusive "new normal".

Sophie Trew is a cancer survivor, thriver, role model, mentor and inspiration. She has immersed herself in what it takes to live a healthy, vibrant and purposeful life. She is skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving others. She will attend to your mind, body and spirit. I suspect she will save some lives.
— Sophie Sabbage, The Cancer Whisperer