Cancer Confidence Coaching is a 12 week, 1-on-1 programme. It’s an opportunity for you to feel heard, seen and supported. We’ll work together for 3 months meeting over Zoom.

I believe transformation and sustainable change takes longer than a few hours. Having someone believing in you and cheering for you over this time is powerful and effective. I’m here to support you as you heal and grow, starting with the basics. I use a combination of techniques from professional training’s in Life Coaching, NLP, CBT and Mindfulness, alongside my personal experience and 2 years as a care manager and workshop facilitator for a young women’s cancer charity, Victoria’s Promise.   

Our needs are as individual as we are, and we all have different areas we want to work on. With a lot of information out there, the cancer space can be overwhelming and often conflicting. It’s a multifaceted illness and requires us to build a multifaceted health plan. You may feel overwhelmed, lacking energy, joy or perhaps need guidance to find your direction going forward. Along with other challenges cancer can be isolating and lonely. During the programme we’ll work together so you can adopt different lifestyle changes to achieve your goals.

Some of my core health beliefs:

  • We can’t heal in the same environment that made us sick.

  • You have all the answers you need within you, but often you’ll seek answers outside of yourself. My work as your mentor is to empower you to realise this and to participate fully in your health. By quietening the outside noise, you can go inward to connect to your healing voice and intuition.

  • Cancer can help you become more of yourself rather than less. It can be a trigger for you to live a life of purpose, authenticity and fulfilment.

  • I believe in a personalised, integrative approach to health and well-being which supports the whole person.

  • With the right support and building strong foundations, you can live a healthy, energised and inspired life beyond a diagnosis. Together we’ll work out what that means for you.

The programme includes:

  • Free introductory chat

  • Initial questionnaire, expectations and goal setting

  • 6 1-on-1 coaching sessions over the 12 weeks

  • Email support and contact in between sessions

  • Holistic health resources, podcasts, exercises and education tailored to your needs                                      

Our sessions together will be personally designed for you after we explore the areas in your life you’d like to work on. They may include:

  • Create your own self-care plan with fresh foundations, health and wellness goals

  • Where helpful, signposting you to experts for integrative health support and integrative practitioners

  • Learn powerful mindset tools and coaching techniques to work through fear, rebuild your confidence, self-trust, self-belief and connect to your authenticity  

  • Develop awareness of the stories and beliefs holding you back in life. Learn how to transform them to empowering ones

  • Support in working in partnership with your medical team and building your support team beyond treatment

  • Explore holistic health mentoring with topics including: sleep, exercise, managing stress, emotional and trauma release exercises to heal and let go, breathwork, meditations, mindfulness, gratitude, juicing, gut health, reducing toxins in your environment

  • Become a mini expert in your health, so you’re empowered to take an active role in your next steps and find your own direction

  • Rise, exploring post traumatic growth, creatively get clear on your ‘WHY’ and how you can bring this to life  

  • Opportunity to align your values, passion and purpose, creating a vision that gives you hope for the future

  • Develop the motivation to set healthy goals and habits, be held accountable to these and your visions for your health

How do we begin?

It all starts with a conversation so you can share what you’d like support with. This is a complimentary call where we can connect and see if we’ll enjoy working together.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Sending a big hug to you X