I talk on my life from ‘Tequila to Spirulina’, sharing the the light, dark and everything in between of getting cancer in your early 20's.

In Tequila to Spirulina I aim to inspire you to realise the power of your mind-body connection and discover how you can experience growth beyond the curveballs life throws you. I share the mindset tools I used to build confidence, become present (an ongoing lesson) and how you can create your own wellbeing plan to thrive.

Upcoming Talks

November 2nd-4th: Portavedie, Scotland. From Tequila to Spirulina and speaking on a Health Panel at the Goddess Gathering

December 6th: Brighton. From Tequila to Spirulina

Upcoming Events

Trew Fields Festival #3, July 5th-7th 2019