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ABOUT Sophie

It took cancer to wake me up to the wisdom and healing power of a body I’d lived disconnected from. Diagnosed with a blood cancer at 23, I joked it gave me an opportunity to reinvent my look. Beyond the layer of image, cancer was the most destructive, yet transformative experience of my life.

Chemotherapy and its toxic effects are as scarring mentally as they are physically. When it ends you’re left trying to piece together who you are when so much has changed.

For me, finishing treatment was the hardest part. When chemo ended my self confidence and self belief hit rock bottom. It felt like my identity had been stripped away during treatment.

I felt stuck in a transition period knowing life wouldn’t be the same again and wanting to make healthy changes, but unsure where I was heading. Piecing together the puzzle of life beyond cancer was made so much easier by building my own holistic support team.

During treatment my medical team talked about killing tumours, yet no one was talking about repairing the body and healing the person. It was at this point I realised we have a sick care system not a health care system. Research became my coping mechanism during treatment. I realised how much we can be doing to lead healthier, more energised lives. How with personalised support and information people can thrive with cancer. 

I built my own integrative recovery plan alongside 6 months of chemotherapy. This included gut healing, meditation, reducing toxins, juicing, exercise, visualisation, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I had cancer in three body sites, with one lump the size of an orange on diagnosis. Within four months my scans were clear and I began learning how to heal my mind, body and spirit. 

I’ve spent the past 4 years researching and training in mindset and confidence coaching. I work combining these techniques bespoke for each individual. My training has included Life Coaching with NLP, CBT, Mindfulness and Theta Healing.

I’ve gone from having stage fright to speaking on stage sharing my story ‘From Tequila to Spirulina’ in front of many people.

I’ve spent two years working for a charity as a care manager for young women going through cancer and beyond, supporting them to rebuild their health and confidence. Organising health and well-being workshops for groups at Victoria’s Promise. During my recovery I started travelling to rebuild and to research different ways other countries approach health and cancer.

My passion lies in post traumatic growth and supporting people to feel uplifted about their next steps.

What would you be doing if you had more confidence and self belief?

Confidence will mean something different for us all, just as we all have unique things we want to do with our lives. I look forward to finding out what that may be for you. Importantly, it’s never too let to press that shiny reset button.

Sophie Trew is an incredible coach and guide who generously offers up her own experience to assist with providing practical support for the physical, mental and emotional impact that a cancer diagnosis can have. Her way of helping to unpick the wild old world of life with or after cancer has been invaluable to me as I have made my way from patient back to the average 30 something. She’s as wise as they come and one of the very best cheerleaders I’ve ever met. Every encounter with Sophie leaves me feeling stronger, bolder, braver and ready for whatever curveballs the world might throw my way next.
— Alice
Sophie has given me the support I have been searching for for such a long time. She listens and is intuitive so is able to get to the core issues and get started very quickly. She is kind, gentle and light-hearted so the sessions are an absolute pleasure. She is a wealth of knowledge on physical, emotional and spiritual health and knows to feed you information at the right pace. I am half way through and have taken on board everything she has suggested. I feel like my life is back on track and I am on a very happy path of self discovery and improvement.
— Helen
Sophie was a great support when I started on my cancer journey, she offered much needed guidance at a critical time, with her advice I felt more in control and able to help myself, she has amazing energy and positivity, which is a great influence to be around.
— Angela
Sophie has continued to inspire and enlighten so many people touched with cancer. I couldn’t be more honoured to have met her - thank you Soph for continuing to share your love, light, passion and empathy. You make the world a
better place.
— Jack
Sophie is completely unique and remarkable -not only is she extremely caring, loving and selfless in her support of others but she is driven by a desire to make peoples journey through life that bit easier. She is an inspiration to so many and a cancer survivor who has bought so much light to others around her. In a short time she has gone from personal diagnosis and recovery, on a remarkable journey dedicated to people that she can help in some way.
— Sarah
Sophie has not only fought and beaten cancer with incredible resilience and courage, but since then she has dedicated her life to helping others with the disease. Friends and friends of friends have benefited from her research and enlightening take on preventing and dealing with cancer, and in one case in particular of a friend’s parent I believe that it has been integral to prolonging his life long beyond the doctor’s predicted time. She is an incredibly
inspirational woman who kept a positive outlook on life even when it was at its most bleak, and the more people she is able to teach with her work the more people will benefit from it.
— Jo
Sophie has not only helped herself, but helped countless other people deal with cancer. She is an inspiration to not just her friends and family, but also the people she meets through her work. I
was recently at the Trew Fields Festival and to see her giving so much back made me want to be a better person and more like her - I can give no higher praise. Resilient, resourceful, and yes, remarkable!
— Tom